Jeevan Asha Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (JAHRC) is hope for specially-abled people who have a unique set of abilities and perspectives that are often deserted, ignored, and sidelined by masses without valuing their true potential.

JeevanAsha not only encourages specially-abled people to unveil their potential with the true objective to live life independently in the first place but also let them take the pride of serving mankind in their humble way.

JeevanAsha is a platform that offers ‘SUVIDHA’ of a highly qualified and enthusiastic team of doctoral support with the clear objective of providing and fixing hi-tech modular prosthesis to those who can’t afford but very much deserves it to live a normal and healthy life.

The inspiration behind JeevanAsha is Muni Shri 108 SaurabhSagarJiMaharaj who took the pledge of social welfare and equality and guided the torchbearers to continuously, rigorously, and methodically work towards the betterment of the nation.

Salient Features of JeevanAsha – 5T’s
Tolerance is the symbol of JeevanAsha, and it is practised, preached, and professed both in letter and spirit, reflected in the conduct of each member of JeevanAsha. 
TeamWork brings the very spirit of engagement, harmony, and synergy to work towards the aim of JeevanAsha, which essentially distinguishes it from any other platform.
Training and continuous learning bring efficiency and precision in the operations, which is the hallmark of JeevanAsha.
Testing instils faith in scientific methods used in the process of diagnosis, and at JeevanAsha, use of new technology and scientific means is the utmost priority.
Testimonials are inspirations for those who have given up the hope of self-reliance and assure them the excellence of services offered at JeevanAsha, giving them a ray of hope and reason to smile again. 
“EKNAIUMMEED, EKNAIASHA” is the motto of JeevanAsha, which is a place where people congregate and share the moments that keep them together and inspire them towards building a better future.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to make the world an inclusive place with no discrimination based on physicality. We aim to establish a society where every person is equal irrespective of his/her abilities or disabilities.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to bring deprived and specially-abled people at par in society through their rehabilitation by using modern technologies in treatment and educating them. We aspire to ensure equality in society by treating specially-abled people physically and mentally, making them confident and self-dependent so that they can live with pride.