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'SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan' is a charitable trust established on 1st February 2010 with the vision and blessings of Jain Muni SanskarPranitaGyan Yogi Muni Shri 108 SaurabhSagarJiMaharaj to ensure the welfare of people belonging to the weaker sections of society. Moved by the holy inspiration of MaharajJi of ensuring equality in society, Shri Ashok Jain (CA) and ShriJambu Prasad Jain came forward as the torchbearers of the organization. They formed a Board of Trustees for SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan to be governed by some exhilarating people of the Jain Community.

The sole objective of 'SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan' is to set and operate a hospital dedicated to the treatment of disabilities in people along with the facility of appropriate education to help them rehabilitate back into society. Motivated by this objective, we at SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan, are working towards the welfare of handicapped people belonging to economic...

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