'SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan' is a charitable trust established on 1st February 2010 with the vision and blessings of Jain Muni SanskarPranitaGyan Yogi Muni Shri 108 SaurabhSagarJiMaharaj to ensure the welfare of people belonging to the weaker sections of society. Moved by the holy inspiration of MaharajJi of ensuring equality in society, Shri Ashok Jain (CA) and ShriJambu Prasad Jain came forward as the torchbearers of the organization. They formed a Board of Trustees for SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan to be governed by some exhilarating people of the Jain Community.

The sole objective of 'SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan' is to set and operate a hospital dedicated to the treatment of disabilities in people along with the facility of appropriate education to help them rehabilitate back into society. Motivated by this objective, we at SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan, are working towards the welfare of handicapped people belonging to economically weaker sections of the society.

We aim to provide artificial prosthetics to such people free of cost and provide education and training to them so that they can live their life to the fullest independently. Our efforts are directed to guide disheartened and disappointed people towards self-sufficiency and self-dependency. We believe in empowering individuals who have lost faith in self to make them financially and socially independent so that they can walk shoulder to shoulder with others in the community. 

At SaurabhSagarSewaSansthan, we understand the emotional and mental condition of specially-abled people when treated differently by the competent sections of society. Rehabilitation for us is to remove the barriers, whether physical, mental, or educational, due to which people with disabilities experience inferiority. We take every effort to strengthen physically and mentally challenged people by providing them with all the needed support timely.

For bringing specially-abled people into the mainstream of society, we have established the 'JeevanAsha Hospital and Rehabilitation Center' in Muradnagar (UP). Spread across 20 acres of land, this world-class hospital is devoted to treat and rehabilitate physically challenged people to fulfill their dream of self-reliance and social integration.

With the grace of Muni Shri 108 SaurabhSagarJiMaharaj, our committed team got in touch with various technologically advanced companies from the USA and Europe to initiate the manufacturing of modular prostheses in JAHRC. Jeevan Asha Hospital and Rehabilitation Center aim to honor specially-abled people in their families, bring them to equal status in society, and fulfill their hopes, dreams, and desires.